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guardoni-cli <command>

guardoni-cli yt-navigate Use guardoni browser with loaded yt e
guardoni-cli yt-experiment <experiment> Run guardoni from a given experiment
guardoni-cli yt-register <file> Register an experiment from a CSV
guardoni-cli yt-list List available experiments
guardoni-cli yt-auto <index> YT automatic mode
guardoni-cli tk-navigate Use guardoni browser with loaded tk e
guardoni-cli tk-experiment <experiment> Run guardoni from a given experiment
guardoni-cli tk-register <file> Register an experiment from a CSV
guardoni-cli tk-list List available experiments
guardoni-cli tk-init [projectDirectory] Initialize an experiment directory
guardoni-cli tk-run [projectDirectory] Run an experiment from a directory pr
eviously initialized
guardoni-cli tk-dump [projectDirectory] Dump meta data from an experiment dir

--help Show help [boolean]
--version Show version number [boolean]
-c, --config Path to JSON config file
[string] [default: "guardoni.config.json"]
--headless Run guardoni in headless mode.
[boolean] [default: false]
--researchTag The evidence related tag. [string]
--profile The current user profile [string]
--backend The API endpoint for server requests [string]
--proxy Socket proxy for puppeteer. [string]
--adv-screenshot-dir ADV screenshot directory path [string]
-v, --verbose Produce tons of logs [boolean] [default: false]

Not enough non-option arguments: got 0, need at least 1


By default, the CLI loads the content of guardoni.config.json when is present, but the specific keys can be overridden by arguments.

./guardoni-cli --basePath ~/.guardoni2 --verbose yt-list


Commands are now organized per-platform and so they're prefixed with a shortname of the platforms we suppport, e.g. yt-list, tk-experiment.

Once the command is invoked, Guardoni will read the configuration, extract the specific platform configuration and use it.

Register an experiment

In order to add a new experiment, prepare your csv with the proper entries and use yt-register to send it to the API and create the entry.

./guardoni-cli yt-register ./experiments/yt-home.csv

# output

Register-csv succeeded: Experiment created successfully

Output values:

status: created
experimentId: d659fc7852b7a2878387773231054d534976bb12

List an experiment

./guardoni-cli yt-list

# output

List succeeded: Public Experiments Available

when: 2022-05-27T11:50:02.423Z
experimentId: d659fc7852b7a2878387773231054d534976bb12
title: Yt Home
urltag: youtube home
watchFor: 42000

Running an experiment

guardoni-cli yt-experiment d659fc7852b7a2878387773231054d534976bb12

# output

Experiment succeeded: Experiment completed

Output values:

experimentId: d659fc7852b7a2878387773231054d534976bb12
researchTag: no-tag-25368
execCount: 3
profileName: profile-test-99

publicKey: XXX-your-public-key-XXX

Clean the extension dir

guardoni-cli yt-clean

# output

guardoni:info Using profile default +0ms
guardoni:info Cleaning extension dir /home/ascariandrea/.guardoni/extension/yt +11ms

Clean succeeded: Extension dir cleaned